a new direction for my creativity

Well, its about returning to something I used to do about 15 years ago….   dressmaking or the current terminology being a “sewist”.  I did sewing or O level “Dress” at school, and made a lot of clothes when I was in my twenties. My current inspiration started last year when I organised a street party and decided to make myself a dress to wear! Inspired by Dyan Reavley and her complete change of image over the last couple of years, and also the frustration of not finding clothes I liked that fitted well.

I made this dress as a one wear Jubilee street party dress but I actually wore it to help at the school jubilee party, to an Olympic themed 50th party and to a burlesque show (not me doing the burlesque part you will be pleased to know!) .  The thing is,  I loved wearing the dress and the compliments I got – even though the quality of the sewing was shocking.

Recently Dyan introduced me to some sewing blogs – and I was hooked again!  I have bought 3 sewing books, a handful of vintage patterns and some current patterns.  I went fabric shopping at the Shuttle in Shipley, Bradford where I used to buy fabric for our school projects .  I am well on the way to completing my first project this year – another dress. As with all first  projects I probably would have done things differently with the benefit of hindsight – but I am willing to accept that it’s a bit like making pancakes – the first few don’t work that well!

This is the fabric being sewn on my retro New Home machine.

 I am using a New Look 6864 pattern.

I have made the design on the right, but with a midi length skirt. I would have liked to have added sleeves but didn’t like the ones on the pattern, and ended up with not enough fabric to do so anyway. I think that my dress will be always be seen out in public with a cardigan – unless its really hot!  I am hoping for a first outing tomorrow at–faith-journaling-with-father-andrew–dyan-2—10-3pm-9336-p.asp. I know that it’s a safe encouraging environment at AFTH!
My goal is to wear a dress at least once a week – but at the moment I only have two dresses – so I need to do some more sewing!
Something else I have done recently – my April Calendar for Kate Crane’s calendar challenge. I am still thinking about a quote for this. It is probably going to be the Papa Roach lyrics “roll the dice, never look back and never think twice”. 

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