Thinking about a new hobby…..

The thing about a new hobby – or in my case resurrecting an old one, is that there is so much thinking and shopping and reading of blogs to do!  Don’t get me wrong I have learnt loads of useful stuff.  Things like; make sure you sew what you will wear and is appropriate for your life now. Even though the cocktail dresses maybe gorgeous, would you actually wear them? (no but I can still buy the vintage patterns).  I have also built up a stash of fabric which is mandatory according to other sewing blogs.

Also shall I blog?  There are some fantastic blogs out there, that have beautiful photographs and are written by people who are incredibly articulate.  I am not sure I add anything, but in the end a blog is for me. Its great to think of somebody reading and enjoying what I have written, but in the end its a record for me in the future.  I have just spent some time reading my old tumblr blog http://creativespace247.tumblr.com/
 which was mainly about my art journalling, but looking back I am glad I blogged for that year, its a better record than a Facebook album.

 What scares me about blogger is that it makes me feel I need to write a lot more, whereas tumblr is about the pictures. I think I just need to take a similar approach, when I look back at this blog it’s the pictures of what I have created that I want to see, not lots of words about my process. So in September I am going to start blogging about my creativity – again just for a year and I will see how it goes.

I have actually managed to sew a few items of clothing which I really enjoy wearing. This is my latest item, designed to be worn on sunny days at the seaside! It is a New Look pattern number 6808.

I have also started going to a few local vintage fairs. I have promised myself that I will only buy what I might use in my sewing or art journalling.   Here is my haul from the the St Gemma’s Hospice Vintage Fair in the spring.  I have not used anything yet, but have plans for the lace, buttons and possibly the pattern.  Not sure I will ever use the short zips for anything! Maybe on some mixed media art?

Bye for now.


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