Calendar Time – Thankful November

Last year I was inspired to start a calendar journal. My main inspiration was from Kate Crane http://thekathrynwheel.blogspot.co.uk/.  In 2012 I used the calendar to note something I was thankful for everyday – well somedays I felt thankful for nothing!  I only managed to keep this up until October. Here are a couple of example pages  from 2012.

 I did carry on in 2013, but decided to just write anything I wanted for each day ( less pressure!). Again I have kept up my calendar until this month, and am proud of managing to do this.  I have been a bit more innovative this year and have used different shapes instead of just squares. I have got a lot of inspiration from the  Calendar Facebook group that Kate set up.

To keep up my motivation I have decided that in November I will write something I am thankful for everyday. This will remind me to be grateful for all the things I have, it will link in with last year and just be something different to do. It also ties in with American Thanksgiving – an American tradition that I like. I have prepared my calendar page for November already ( amazing!) But I couldn’t resist using that most English of celebrations as inspiration – bonfire night! I am also pleased that I have used a range of supplies on this page – stencils, panpastels,portfolio crayons,  dylusions inks ( an attempt at Dyan’s squirly ink technique) and liquid pearls.

I am sure that I can manage to find 30 things to be thankful for.


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