Handmade Jane’s reversible bag tutorial

I have never made a bag despite having sewing lots of clothes and a few curtains.  When I saw the tutorial on Handmade jane’s blog  I knew it was time to take the plunge.  I had some canvas fabric which had been colour test prints during a friends textile design degree. The lining fabrics were left over navy polka dot from a summer dress I made this year and the leaf fabric was a half metre random purchase that I didn’t have any plans for.

Jane’s instructions are lovely and clear – but please do keep reading them , if you are like me and still manage to do your own (wrong) thing. In the picture below – the handles need to be tucked inside….  but I managed to correct that before I started sewing.

I had enough canvas and lining to make two bags,  the larger squared canvas I made two inches wider. The handles are longer ( about 3 inches) so I can carry them easily over my shoulder.

Don’t the fabrics look good together?

The instructions for the gussets are genius – really easy to follow, give a professional looking base to the bag,  and will make you feel really clever as well. You even get left with some little gnome hats!

Bags together

Bags alone

Can you tell I love them?  You know I like to paint and write in my journals – the smaller bag will fit two large journals and a pencil case. I just need to be careful that I don’t stuff too much in.

Thanks Jane for the tutorial and Sue for the fabric.

 P.S. Craftsy also have a free tutorial on making a similar bag that explains how to add a pocket on the inside of the bag. However I liked being able to go back and re read the instructions, so I preferred to follow Jane’s written ones.


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