Creative Review 2013 and plans for 2014

Last new year I decided not to have any new year’s resolutions but had two short lists expressed in an art journal page, things I wanted more of and things I wanted less of. One of those things was more dresses. I think I added 9 to my  collection, mainly ones I made myself. Maybe in 2014 I should try and document some of those.

In 2013 I added sewing to the list of creative things I like to do. I started reading some blogs, and fell for the whole experience hook, line and sinker.  I bought vintage patterns, went to vintage fairs  hunting for sewing related items, built up a fabric stash, visited Goldhawk road and met Roisin of Dolly Clackett (briefly, she was in a cashpoint queue, so I went up to her and told her how much I enjoyed her blog)  and sewed with independent company patterns such as Colette and By Hand London.

Some of my stash – I have made 3 of the 7 pieces of fabric into wearable items!

Items from the St Gemma’s hospice vintage fair.

 I made 8 dresses, 11 tops, 40 lavender bags and 2 tote bags and won a lovely apron in a giveaway (thanks to Beth at the linen cat  ) .  However, I am useless at getting photos taken, between getting someone to do it and  the weather, I just don’t seem to get any!

I also realise I need to take a bit longer over sewn items and make sure they fit properly so have ordered The complete photo guide to perfect fitting

In terms of paper based stuff I don’t usually count what I make. I kept up with  the Calendar challenge every month, this was Decembers

 I made probably 50 ish cards, about 4 canvases and numerous art journal pages. I didn’t really do any scrapbooking. I have lost interest in scrapbooking even though I like the results. I still  need to finish my Christmas album from 2012.

My creative goals for 2014  are:

1. Use the materials I already have, either for mixed media art or sewing. A limited amount of spending will be allowed  – but only at a 2 to 1 ratio, ie make two items before buying one piece of fabric.
2.  Enjoy my limited creative time, so I shouldn’t be afraid of getting rid of stuff I really don’t like, I will aim to have a cull of items towards the end of next year.
3. Think about what uniquely expresses me – work on creating my own style both in art and sewing terms and not worry about what other people do.
4.  Use my time wisely and make sure I spend time being creative and not just fiddling on the internet!
5. Document my creative efforts – take lots of photos (generally as I took nothing last year)

I am going to leave it as general as that for the moment – so no pressure for specific items – though I would like  to sew more dresses and paint more canvases.  This is one of my favourites from 2013.

 My word for this year is “Nurture” – I created a lovely page and then realised I have spelt it wrong! 
A bit of re-creation needed!
So here’s to a happy creative and peaceful 2014!


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