Stash Busting 2014

I have only started sewing again since April 2013. It’s scary how much stash I have collected. A lot of it is because I had time to go physical shopping last year, and have bought fabric from  local ish shops vintage fairs and on a trip to London.  I have been influenced by other bloggers and have bought fabric from online sewing shops and ebay.  I like the idea of focusing on sewing my stash this year so I am taking part in the stashbusting sew along
  My main goal is to use 50 metres of fabric, and not buy more than 25. I used 47 metres in 9 months last year and now have 83 metres remaining, so it should be achievable. I have set myself a small fabric and patterns budget, for this year and would like to spend time actually sewing rather than shopping for fabric. The trouble with the internet is that you can shop too easily – I realise I have bought 5 pieces of fabric in December, all online!  Sometimes I shop because I feel I haven’t got time to sew, which is a bit topsy turvey! Anyway I thought I would photograph my stash and then I have a record of it. I promise to also document any new purchases.

 These are my jersey pieces. I am not 100% about sewing with jersey,  but that doesn’t seem to have stopped me buying it! (being persuaded by blogs!) These will be used for dresses and tops, I don’t have firm plans, but I have bought the Lady Skater dress pattern and the DixieDIY ballet dress pattern ( this was my first purchase of 2014, but as it was only £2.50, do I need to count it?), So I think I will be  having a go with those.

 This is stash bought for making dresses.  When you see it all together it makes me realise I definitely don’t need any more blue and flowery fabric! I am planning some Anna and Emery dresses, shirt dresses and hopefully to use some of my vintage patterns for at least 3 dresses. I think that will probably take me well into 2015!

 This is fabric that I am planning to make tops with maybe another Airelle blouse with the check fabric and a Gertie portfolio blouse with the lime green eyelet fabric.

That’s enough for today! If I use at least 50% of this fabric this year I will be pleased.


5 thoughts on “Stash Busting 2014

  1. If you aren't certain about sewing with knits/jersey, I highly recommend Sewaholic's Renfrew. It is a simple top, and it goes together like a dream. when it first came out everyone raved about it and I just didn't get it. Until I made one. Love it. I have made four? three? of them. There are some retailers in the UK that carry it. so you wouldn't have to pay for shipping from Canada. Here is a link to the website and the retailers that carry it.


    On this site, they (Tessuti Fabrics) have three free pattern for knit tops. Gotta love that price!


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