Dixie DIY ballet dress and top

You know what it’s like –  at the start of January you are very motivated, and sewing output is likely to be higher than the rest of the year. Also  helped by the fact sewing with knitted fabrics is so quick compared to woven fabrics. I bought the Dixie DIY Ballet dress  pattern even though it was really  similar to the skater dress pattern I had just acquired , as I thought the higher waistline would suit me better. I decided to make a tunic length (5 inches off the length)  using some morgan crepe I had bought in a sale from Minerva crafts. I had felt the colour was a bit dark but, looking at these pictures, I don’t think the colour is too bad on me.  I like the pattern, it was my first time using clear elastic to stabilise the shoulders and waistline.  The sleeves are slightly baggy so I will take those in next time. The scarf is to hide the pigs ear I made of top stitching the neck band on!

I do think that the fabric is a bit stretchy, and I won’t be making another dress out of the other Morgan crepe I bought.  This top definitely comes under the category of “wearable muslin”.  I think the style is more suited to a dress. So….
 I wanted a dress to wear relaxing at weekends rather than for work, and thought the ballet dress would be perfect. In my stash was  fabric I bought after seeing it on dibs and the machine blog   Putting on the neckband was harder on the dress than on the purple top as the jersey was thinner and less stretchy than the purple morgan crepe,  I also think the neckline itself  had stretched during the trying on stages,   I couldn’t get the original neckband to fit all. So I recut  the band on the bias and added an extra inch, and  am really happy with the dress and the fit. A first for me while making this dress was to use tins as pattern weights – which really made cutting out a lot easier, as pinning jersey and double knit is hard work – the pins seem to catch so much. I suppose everybody else probably knows that!
standard photo posing spot – next to the drainpipe! excuse the windswept hair!

4 thoughts on “Dixie DIY ballet dress and top

  1. This floral dress looks great – love those little pops of red. And I really love the purple colour on you too. Great makes for such a cold, dark month – you've got the year off to a good start.


  2. Wow, I have just made a wrap dress using that exact same floral print! And I made a Dixie DIY ballet dress in purple just before Christmas! We must be reading each others minds. Sadly my purple dress didn't come out nearly as nicely as yours, the fabric was a bit too slinky and it hangs weirdly so i didn't even bother blogging it. I love yours though.


  3. Thanks – I bought the ballet pattern after seeing the black dress you made. The purple one is actually a tunic length to wear with jeans, but I prefer the pattern made into a dress – I will definitely be making more!


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