January round up – falling off the stash busting wagon

Hopefully this will be a regular post where I review my creative output for the month and how the stash busting is going! This is a long post, I don’t think I will achieve as much in future months.

 This was my calendar page for January.

 I have started making a “junk journal” loosely based on Kate Crane’s new videos – but also to use up bits and pieces out of my paper crafting stash.

Here are some backgrounds – I managed to reduce my number of spray inks by three!

This was  my “word of the year” page which is nurture, spelt correctly this time!

 I haven’t bought any art based items this month but have booked a Dina Wakley workshop  Colour Wow for March, which will definitely lead to some spending.

 For my sewing I thought I would answer the questions posed by the stash busting curating challenge as well this month.

1. Why do I sew?

 I sew for a variety of reasons, it means I can get clothes to fit me, even when I bodge the fit it’s better than something I would buy. I love having new clothes that are unique and cost less than buying ready made.  I like the process of turning fabric into a wearable garment even with the risk that it may be a complete fail. I like the feeling of being complimented about something I have made. I find I am more inspired now by what other people sew and by fabric than by clothes in shops, or catalogues.

2. What’s on my list?

Dresses and tops. Maybe trousers and a jacket or two in the long term

3.  Why am I stash busting?

Because I bought nearly 50 pieces of fabric in 9 months, since starting to sew again!  This year  I want to apply the “use it or lose it” mantra to my stash – both sewing and paper crafting.  TBH too much stash makes choice over whelming, I would like to have no more than 10 pieces of garment sized fabric, preferably 5, eventually.

In January I used 10 metres of fabric and made 3 tops and one dress. So that’s 20% of the way towards my goal of using 50 metres!  But I have bought three  patterns,  the ballet dress pattern and the two below. The vintage one is very much an “aspirational” pattern – who knows if I will ever make it, but I just liked it! 

I have used the ballet dress pattern twice already and have more plans for it. I know it’s daft buying a sundress pattern now, but I found it for a good price on amazon and have at least two pieces of fabric to make sundresses out of. 

 I am really pleased that I did a piece of “unselfish sewing” – took these trousers up for my dad.  I am generally a very selfish sewer,  so this is it for 2014.

 I fell off the wagon in terms of fabric buying! BUT  it wasn’t intended for me!  This kingsize duvet cover and 4 matching pillow cases  came from a charity shop for £4.50.  I wanted to cut it  down to a single duvet cover for boy number 2 to take to university. His reaction was “Ugh I don’t want a second hand duvet cover!”. Bearing in mind he is quite happy with hand me down clothes I couldn’t understand the reaction. Anyway he wasn’t to be shifted, so it’s in my stash and I think it will make a great dress!

Conclusion – it’s hard not to buy  fabric and patterns,  I thought I was being good this month!  My aim for February and March is no more vintage patterns and keep out of charity shops!


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