My tribute to Le Tour Yorkshire 2014

I like cycling, when it involves small hills (if any), and a trip to a cafe for a pot of Yorkshire tea and a scone with jam and cream. I am quite excited about a sporting event on my doorstep this summer,  Le Tour Yorkshire- Grand Depart 2014  I am planning my own tribute, in the form of a dress, and maybe some scones and jam – a yorkshire tea party even! Lets hope we get some sunny continental weather and not typical Yorkshire summer weather.

I have been thinking about this fabric for a while, and when I found it on sale just before Christmas I ordered the last 4.5 metres. Although I got stung for customs and the post office’s handling charge, it will still work out at about £10 a metre which isn’t too bad.

I  love the colour, the pattern is perfect for the occasion, and not so in your face that family and friends will disown me. I made a dress last year which is covered in maps, that my family think is a bit crazy!  I think I am going to use Simplicity 2444, I’ve made it before and love the effect of the “V” shaped darts at the front. It’s really popular in blogland, there are loads of versions on the internet.

I am not going to start it until May though, because I might change my mind, and choose a different pattern.
Vive La Yorkshire!


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