Swirly Squiggle top

The last thing I made in January was this top, using the same pattern as my colour block tee shirt  New Look 6225,   the fabric was also used by the elegant Claire, one of the Minerva Craft Bloggers to make a shirt dress http://www.minervacrafts.com/blog-mccalls-shirt-dress.html

I had hoped that I would produce something I could wear for work, but I think it more of a casual top as I’m not sure my colleagues could concentrate given all the swirliness!  I apologise for the pictures, but I can’t get the hang of posing at all, and my photographer has a limited attention span! Comments – I think it is a good pattern for the fabric, I like the raglan sleeves, but  the neckline is a bit wide, which feels a bit chilly at the moment. I think I prefer the teeshirt version.

Well, I ‘m going to get on with some more sewing now. Looking forward to the Great British Sewing Bee on tuesday!


5 thoughts on “Swirly Squiggle top

  1. Ruth, you are amazing, this top is gorgeous. So pleased you have allowed comments on your blog. 🙂 I'm going to have to commission you to make me some clothes, I love this top! Well done. The fabric is perfect too. 🙂 Michelle x


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