1970s teacher?

I had bought the Merchant and Mills factory dress pattern as I thought it would make  a dress with a relaxed casual feel. The pattern is made of really good quality tissue, and the dress sewed up beautifully. You just needed to be careful to grade the collar as there are a lot of layers of fabric. I am proud of my three pockets, as I haven’t sewn any since I was at school!  But, I had hoped to feel that 1930’s vibe, wearing this,  instead I feel like a 1970’s teacher and not in a good way.  The  stretch cord fabric is too heavy for the pattern.  So much so, that him indoors thought I was sewing curtains when I was hand sewing the hem. Anyway some photos from my impatient photographer then lets move on.

I feel a bit disappointed that out of the last three items I have sewn only one of them will get worn. Also while we are on the subject – camel/beige is not a good colour for me.  These  projects demonstrate those sad facts – buying fabric online is hit and miss, and even if you buy fabric you shouldn’t  sew it  unless you really love it! – give it to charidee instead!

There is a  silver lining! This navy tee shirt is my own modification of my ballet dress pattern – Go me!

I  printed off the free Deer and Doe plantain pattern, but the test square was the wrong size, and I couldn’t be bothered to work out how to sort it. I know the ballet dress fits well, so I used a roll of lining paper and drew around the bodice, and extended it using the skirt part as a guide line.  Seeing this photo – I have also made up my mind to make another ballet tee – I do have enough for a dress, but will wear it more often as a teeshirt. I love wearing dresses but the jeans and a teeshirt combo is so comfy! Not sure about the rolling eyes though!


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