Art from the Heart


I have been sewing and working and not blogging lately. I was stuck on downloading photos from my Ipad. I finally googled it and worked out how to do it! Yeay!

I am off to a Dina day tomorrow, which will rejuvenate my art journalling mojo, and hopefully I will take some pictures.

 I had a lovely day at Art from the Heart in February with Michelle who is ace at teaching and inspiring people to create beautiful mixed media art.  The focus of the day was to create a large canvas 16 inches by 24 inches. These are some photos of the process.

We covered the canvas with tissue and some music paper, then splodged some yellow paint on.

Blended the yellows 
Edged with brown. 

Added contrasting paint and some stamping. 

We cut out heart shapes from music paper. Michelle showed us how to create a shaded effect on the hearts. We added some stencilling and a quote.  Its now hanging in my kitchen, I love seeing it every day. I have already got a commission!  One for family, which I hope to do over the Easter holidays.

In sewing news I have been making a couple of versions of  the Coco pattern which have been really successful. I am working on my duvet dress, so some sewing blogging soon!


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