Spotty Coco number 1!

 I have sewn two Cocos and have plans for more. I bought my fabric from Ditto Fabrics – I love wearing it, but it has lost a lot of the original colour, even being washed at 30 degrees, the navy has faded to more of a denim colour.  I suppose it gives a more nautical summer holiday feel. (wait until you see it with my new Brigitte scarf). 

I like sewing because you usually end up with a unique item – but not this time. I was really surprised to see one of my favourite bloggers Scruffy Badger talking about her most recent Coco!
I love that my inspiration for what I wear comes from real people.  I enjoy being excited by sewalongs, new patterns and lovely fabric. I love the fact that the blogs I follow are written by people who create beautiful wearable clothes, and share their experiences in the form of helpful tutorials.This is all a far cry from expensive fashion magazines, clothes that are designed for skinny 16 year olds or boring mass market clothes. So hurrah for making your own clothes and being creative. Even if I make the occasional item which isn’t unique! 


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