Me made week two

5th May  – tshirt  New Look 6225 (sorry only I could have a photo taken with the rudest planet! why didn’t I pick saturn or jupiter?)

6th May Vogue Options pattern 2238

7th May same pattern as yesterday

8th May – Colette Jasmine blouse

8th May  slipping into something more comfortable in the evening – being a “Tilly” groupie  with her new book Love at First Stitch  wearing coco teeshirt and Brigitte scarf

9th May – another jasmine blouse worn with clashing socks

10th May Funnel necked spotty Coco.  This is an old picture – its raining and I feel grumpy today, so no photos!

But look what arrived in the post today, fabulous apart from having to pay customs duty!  Directly influenced by http://busylizzieinbrizzy.com/2014/04/20/i-dont-say-anything-i-merely-offer-you-a-facial-expression-that-suggests-youve-gone-insane/  
11th May Red Coco with pink dots again! 
Lessons learned
1. I still need a haircut!
2. I tend to make the same things over and over – three pattern repeats this week
3. The New Look tshirt needs shortening
4. I haven’t got the Jasmine to feel quite right yet, I love the look of it, but the sleeves ride up, and the neck doesnt sit properly on the red one.
5. I want to have all the fabric in my stash made up now, so I can wear it. 

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