Coco one two and three!

Coco number one – very big polka dots!

Coco number two, very small polka dots

Coco number three no polka dots!

This fabric was from my haul in Leicester market. Its very stretchy but resilient, with a criss cross pattern in the fabric. The basic garment took no time at all. But then I shortened the sleeves, shortened the body and cut off the slits. I also made a pocket, double layered no less.

I had intended to put a large button on the pocket, but when I tried it on, the pocket just looked wrong… 
I wanted to use these lovely vintage buttons. 
I sewed two to each shoulder – but they looked wrong too!  Anyway I am happy with where I placed them. Maybe I should have made a fake placket….  Anyway I am coco’ed out for now. I am sure I will make more, I can see me wearing this style of top forever, but not just yet. 
 I want to have a go with a few of the patterns in Love at first stitch, maybe the pyjamas, Megan dress and Mimi blouse, but it will probably be the autumn before I get chance to do so. There are a couple of dresses I must get cracking on with. 

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