Me made May week three

Day 12 Vogue  dress pattern again 
                       Day 13 Dixie DIY Ballet dress
Day 14 Another colette Jasmine 
Day 15 Colette Violet blouse
Day 16 New Look blouse 

Day 17 Simplicity 2444 bodice with emery skirt. and Brigitte scarf.

Day 18  My tape measure dress, because it was still lovely and hot – I laid on a sun lounger sipping a glass of wine ( in between cooking for 14 people, but that’s another story!)

Lessons learned
1. I need to buy or make some skirts and trousers for work.  I don’t like buying or making separates for my bottom half – but the situation has got ridiculous and I really need more than one pair of trousers for work and no skirts!
2. I like my violet blouses better than my jasmine blouses, I have always thought that this was the other way round. I have found that I am always tugging the collar and sleeves down.
3. Documenting my me made clothes just makes me want to sit down and sew up all my remaining stash, so I have more to wear and can look at more fabric!
4. I haven’t bought any fabric or patterns this month – do you think I can keep it up until the end of the month??


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