Me made May week four dissatisfaction and resolutions!

Day 19 – New Look pattern. I wore it to work as it was still hot,  and “spotted” at least 2 other people wearing navy and white polka dot dresses – one was sat opposite me and one was our director. Although every dress was different, it felt a bit wierd!  I tried not to  make this stupid face at work, but it’s boring thinking of new poses. 

Day 20 Coco number three, worn to work with trousers then     jeans in the evening.

Day 21 starting to get a few repeats – so my Dixie DIY ballet dress again – but it’s so comfortable and appropriate for a range of occasions 
Day 22 Colette Jasmine again 
Day 23 another different version of this pattern again! Probably the most flattering version. 

Day 24 my swirly top with jeans 

Day 25 Deer and Doe Airelle with jeans

Lessons learned
1. I am starting to miss my shop bought tops
2. I really really need more bottom halves
3. I don’t like that swirly top – I know I am box/apple shaped – but it’s not in the least bit flattering. I don’t think I will wear it again. 
4. I think I will narrow down my sewing to a few silhouettes – empire line mainly, a few colours ie blues and fabrics – ponte roma, good quality knits and drapey cottons and viscose. 
Still no fabric or patterns bought, but I did buy a pair of sandals and a pair of shoes. The shoes I bought  are cherry red which are now no longer on the Clarks website. I needed sensible sandals, but just loved those big buckles, so I still need to find some very sensible sandals that aren’t too boring and I can walk miles in.   

So last five days of May – will I complete the challenge, and can I stick to not buying any fabric or patterns?


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