Me made May the end!

Just a little summary for the end of May.
Most worn patterns 
I wore clothes made from these 6 patterns on 22 out of 31 days, so 2/3rds of the time.  The ballet dress is the clear winner, and I think will continue to be. The main lesson learned is don’t buy patterns unless you are going to make them up straight away, with all these patterns I did exactly that. 
Colette Jasmine blouses  4
Colette Violet blouses 2
Tilly’s Coco top 4
Deer and Doe Airelle blouses 3
Dixie DIY ballet dress 5
Vogue pattern 2238 4
Guess what?!!  I haven’t bought any fabric or patterns this month, which is a first for this year, despite trying to bust my stash! I have made 3 tops (plus one wadder) and one dress (still to be blogged).  I am not sure I will continue blogging after this year, but I would like to do Me Made  May in 2015,  and hopefully have made some trousers and skirts by then, so I can have more   total outfits that are made by me.  
 26th May – another Dixie DIY ballet dress – the fabric is quite a thick interlock, but the pattern is very summery, so I think I might shorten the sleeves. It was actually a very hot day when I wore this – amazing for a bank holiday monday!
 27th May a day at home – my  teal Coco and jeans
 28th May my New Look top again

29th May – work and my ballet dress again!
 30th of May – Dress down friday – my new Liberty afternoon top.  The liberty fabric was a joy to sew with, purchased from the lovely Susan at Sewbox. I got the idea for the 3 buttons from Roobeedoo 

31st of May a Colette Violet with vintage french buttons.


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