Stash busting half way

Ok so it’s half way through the year. How have I done compared to what I had planned? I have sewn 56 metres but still have about 80 metres. This isn’t all of it. There is more in the loft! I have continued to buy fabric. But now I really want to focus on simplifying my life in lots of ways, which includes stash, as all the things I want to do, just don’t add up time wise. I don’t feel like making complicated things at the moment. 
So here is another Coco, with short sleeves. I love it, but know I am too old to wear batman teeshirts in public.  
So my new Coco is to be worn when exercising. It’s been trialled this morning at 7am when I went for an eight mile ride in the sunshine. I am going to cut out another Coco today. You never know I might take part in one week one pattern that Handmade Jane is organising in September! 


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