Dylusions Traci Bautista Stencil Girl

New Traci Bautista stencils

I have been watching Traci Bautista’s free print making series for Strathmore   http://www.strathmoreartist.com/artist-studio/ I loved the flower stencils, and couldn’t find an English supplier, so ordered some from  http://www.stencilgirlproducts.com/stencils-by-traci-bautista-s/1908.htm They arrived with a free postcard which will go in my postcard collection! 

I wanted to be a bit systematic and try lots of ways of using the stencils. So first, my gelliplate with different papers, old books, tissue paper, printer paper and card. The paints are Dyan Reavleys old Dylusions. The blue and lime green are my favourites, shame they were discontinued. 

So lots of flower shapes to cut up and use as collage elements.
I also used the stencils to cut out basic flower shapes from map paper, an old french book and music paper. 
I then gessoed through stencils in 3 journals. This first one is over an existing background page in my Dylusions journal. 
Then in my large pink pig journal.
Lastly in my small dylusions one.
So working on my Dylusions journal, I sprayed bubblegum pink ink, as a starting point. 

This is what I ended up,with  great colours but far too much on the page! I go for volume and enthusiasm over artistic ability any day! The non pink flowers are the ones I made using my gelliplate. 

But I do like the more subtle page I did in my small Dylusions journal, using pink and blue spray inks over gesso, then pen work over the top. 


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