Pages from a large old journal

II can’t remember how long I have been art journalling. Maybe from 2010?  Long enough to have journals with pages that hold memories from the time. 

The right hand side is a page that I did during my first ever class with Dina Wakley. She introduced me to acrylic paints which I still love.  Not quite sure what the left hand page is! 

A phase of finger painting circles and turning them into sunflowers. I might do this again. 

One from a ’21 secrets course’. The idea was to lay paint on the page and then find figures in it. I think it’s quite imaginative, especially for me. 

More Dina classes.

Love the colours on this scraped paint piece, using a home made stencil. 

Random shapes and slightly hidden journalling. On the mountain peaks! 

Conclusion – I like working on a large scale.  But I am also finding it fun to work on a postcard size. Maybe I should just work at the extremes? 
Used a pink pig large journal and mainly acrylic paint.


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