Thinking about swapping!

The thing about signing up to SWAP 2016,  is all the wonderful planning, and chances to change my mind! Apparently, one of my options is illegal, and I can’t have 2 dresses in my wildcard option, I need another bottom or layer.  I am thinking about a RTW cardigan, as I already have a cream one. Another alternative is to make a kimono  style jacket from my lime, blue and orange viscose from this pattern. 

But …. Are kimonos so last year? I would also need to buy or make some plain tee shirts to go under it, as I don’t think I would want to wear something made from woven fabric under neath it.  I quite like the trousers too, as they are narrower than the Simplicity ones.  I think I need to attempt a trouser muslin soon, to see if it’s realistic for me to do so. I’m not making trousers if mine just look badly homemade, as the Americans say, ‘Becky Home Ecky’! 


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