First time Pom pom

On a routine search for new sewing blogs to read, I found this one,  Sewchet  and loved the pile of lacy scarves she had made for Christmas presents. You know what happens next…… Yes the thought ‘ I could do that too…. If I start in January , I might get a few done by next December’.  I searched the net for suppliers of the Drops kidsilk wool that sewchet used. I found http://www.knittedhome.com, who sent me a free book of patterns with my order, which included a hat pattern for the kidsilk wool.

The hat is just garter stitch, and would complement my lacy scarf 
I have been knitting both at the same time, as I don’t have to concentrate on the hat, which is knitted using 2 threads at a  time. 
Although I followed the instructions and measured the final length, my hat is not quite so Scandinavian, more gnome like. Apologies for the colour, it should be like the scarf.
Having seen Roobedoos excellent  Qwist hat with Pompom, which looks great, and looks like the hat should be longer than your head, to account for the pompom, I had a go at making my own. 
It’s a bit of a fragile Pompom as the wool snapped when I tied it together, I had to re do it, with a doubled length. I suspect the threads will gradually fall out. But I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts. Next time I might use these instructions which look easier and more robust.     I need to finish the scarf now, so I can have a matchy matchy set! Then I am  going to make a less gnome like hat with some sea green kid silk wool.  

 Finally finished and worn on a bitterly cold day, by me. No photo though, so here is my sofa modelling the hat and scarf.


2 thoughts on “First time Pom pom

  1. It looks lovely! I've had 3 attempts at this but I can't get the hang of it as I've not done lace work before. Think I need to practice on yarn that's not so fluffy first, or come to you for lessons as Sewchet lives too far away!


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