Well, you know , cause I’ve got so much time!  I have started another hobby. I used to knit, particularly when I was at university, I remember knitting on the long train journeys home, between Bradford and Exeter.  I joined Ravelry a couple of years ago, just out of curiosity, I didn’t do anything with it.

So one very wet Sunday in December, I went to Baa Ram Ewe in Leeds and bought Titus Wool in ‘Endeavour’, a lovely shade of navy.  I bought pattern markers which I had never used before. I found winding my own balls of wool from the skeins a pain, I got into a massive tangle with the first one, and spent ages de tangling. It’s put me off buying skeins TBH.  The pattern was easy though,  and I liked the scarf cum shawl effect. I was worried because I associate shawls as an old lady item like this

Hopefully it’s not too bad on me, really cosy and warm.  There is a free pattern on Ravelry here garter ruffles scarf for double knitting, I bought my pattern, which is 4 ply, as that’s what the Titus wool is. I suspect the 2 patterns are the same, I felt I was using the wrong weight wool for the needles, but the 4 ply does give a nice lacey effect.
The navy goes well with my first intentions for #swap2016,  which are focused on navy and lime. Mind you I’m going a bit off piste with my swap plans, I’m going to rename mine the simple swap, and just be random. I’m a fan of http://ruthieksews1.blogspot.co.uk, I’m going to follow her example and just make what I want until about mid March, then, I will try to form an 11 garment wardrobe, using the swap rules I’ve mentioned before. 
Returning to knitting, I’ve obviously already built up a stash, and have got a ufo put to one side.

I’m not sure about the colour of this,  and knitting it from the top down is freaking me out a bit. I’m used to knitting flat pieces from the bottom up. I’m not sure about all this Americanisation of knitting, different needle sizes and terminology.  Anyway, I’ve never had pretty scarves, hats and gloves for winter, so that’s what I am mainly going to aim for.  However, I do have enough wool for three cardigans, including the apple green Malabrigo above which might get ‘frogged’,  see I’m down with the kids, using this knitting lingo! 

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