Stop rushing!

A few weeks ago I wanted to stop sewing altogether!  I was getting fed up with being disappointed in with the number of wadders I was producing. I’ve been  reflecting on why this is happening this week, and realised:

1. I  don’t want to give up sewing because I’m often disappointed with RTW clothes, and I enjoy the smug feeling I get wearing  clothes I have made myself. 
2. Stop rushing, it’s better to make a few nice things , than loads of mediocre stuff. Yes I want to use my stash, but it really doesn’t matter if I don’t. Enjoy the process as well as the result.
3. There is something really pleasurable and therapeutic about sewing, whether its long straight seams or tricky curves.
4. Think more about the fabric and the pattern. One of my positive discoveries has been sewing 2 Lottie blouses in viscose, they drape beautifully.  In contrast, I made another Coco, and the jersey is too soft to sustain the collar, which just flops lethargically, along with my hair! so Cocos with collars should only  be made with ponte roma in future!
Another failure was the top I wanted to be part of my #SWAP2016

The fabric is too crisp for the pattern, and I don’t like the shape of the armholes. I should have looked more closely at the picture on the pattern, Simplicity 1202, because even on the model, the armhole looks unattractive, and standing with hands on hips means there is too much armpit on display!

It feels like I am only making one successful item for every two failures.  The interesting thing is, this happened in January a couple of years ago too. I rush because I think I don’t have much time, and then feel disappointed, especially when I compare my sewing to the blogs I read. 
I have been listening to  Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book, Big Magic  which I would really recommend if you are a creative person.  What I got out of it, is just to keep creating, and move on after failures, to improve you have to keep  practicing!  I think the book applies to all aspects of creativity – sewing included.
Anyway, my creativity is for me, I am not making my living from it. Also I have a very busy life, and sewing isn’t my only hobby, which means it’s the time in my life to sew simple clothes. At some point I will have more time, to learn couture techniques, and make more complicated things. I want to document success and failures this year, so I can see what I’ve achieved when I get to the end of 2016. 


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