A clutch of Cocos

Ages ago, I blogged about my first 3 Cocos, and since then I’ve made even more. My most recent one is a lime polka dot one for  SWAP2016

 I think a Coco is a TNT that I will make at least once a year! Here a few I’ve made over the last 18 months.

My batman one, made with leftovers from my nephews teeshirt. Only to be worn when exercising, not really suitable to inflict on the general public. 

I wear these three all the time. They go with jeans, and the plain ones are good for work, when you can’t  be bothered to think about what to wear.   Ive had failures as well, the main thing to remember for me is don’t make ones with the collar from soft jersey, use something equivalent to ponte roma. I prefer bracelet length sleeves, but the cuffs look good as well. Have you made a Coco? is it a wardrobe staple for you? 


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