SWAP2016 – Progress

So how am I getting on with SWAP 2016?  not too badly, there have been some disappointments, plans that haven’t worked out, and some distractions like a fabric buying trip with the Yorkshire Spoolettes!

My idea now is to make whatever I fancy until mid March, then I will work on making sure I have got garments that fit the remit.

After  Christmas I made 2 Lottie blouses using the Simple Sew Patten that was free with a magazine

The instructions weren’t great, and the pattern was lacking essential things like marking where to sew the tie to, but if you kept the final result in your head, you could work it out! Amanda of Sewing Bee fame has made a collection of Lotties here. I don’t think I will make quite as many, but I really like  the pattern, its comfortable, stylish and has no buttons or zips.

I also made a simple navy jersey skirt,  one single seam, with no waistband, just a wide piece of elastic sewn to the top of the skirt and folded over,  like this

I have already worn the skirt and the Lottie blouses loads, really great for work. So I think that SWAP2016 has already been a success for me. 
I am probably going to include my coral Scout top, as my previously made item. 
With the lime Coco I made in January, and a pair of jeans as my ready to wear item, I have got four tops and two bottoms.  I am planning at least one dress.  It’s layers I’m lacking. I attempted a Merchant and Mills Heron jacket, but couldn’t get the pivoting for the collar to work, so that got dumped! I’m knitting a summer cardigan, although the colour is ok it doesn’t really go with these tops, its meant to go over skimpy tee shirts.  I need to have a think! 


4 thoughts on “SWAP2016 – Progress

  1. Your SWAP strategy is a good one. I think the items you have made here are lovely and all work together. My favourite is the blue and orange blouse which is beautiful. I can't wait to see it all organised together. Well done Ruth.


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