First Fabworks Fabric Haul Make!


Its been really motivating, to seeing garments being made from the Yorkshire Spoolettes fabric shopping haul, I think that Ali was off the starting blocks first, with her wonderful Brooklyn Hoodie.

I have got a few days off for half term, and unusually have got some time to sew!  I know I said I would start with the  Karen  drape dress,  but I already had the Sew over it cowl neck dress and top pattern. Also I wasn’t sure what the draping effect would do to the flowers in my dress fabric. I think I will eventually try the Karen dress with a solid colour.

  I had bought the abstract faces fabric as a bit of a joke really, something I could wear to my arty classes and not worry about getting splodges of paint on.  I thought I would use it as a muslin before making a dress. It was my first attempt sewing with scuba. I didn’t stabilise the shoulders. It wasn’t that clear on the patten where the shoulders ended and the neck began, but I guessed and it seems to be fine. I joined the shoulder seams, then inserted the sleeves in flat, before joining the sleeve and side seams as one. I don’t have an overlocker, so every thing is sewn with a zigzag stitch, and my seams are left unfinished.

I love it! and will definitely wear it for more than just painting! I wore it today out to lunch with him indoors. I think he needs more training in taking photos for blog purposes. I have chopped my head off, because I look really cross eyed, and he only took one photo, of the whole top. Also I haven’t got sway back issues, the top needed pulling down and arranging for the back view. I wasn’t sure about the cowl neck, in scuba but I like it!
So changes I have made for my dress are to take a centimetre off the front armscye. I also basted the sleeve head before attaching, and stabilised the shoulders with clear elastic.  Although the fabric is navy and yellow, the back of the fabric is white, so it is a printed ponte. The navy isn’t as dark after the pre wash, so I don’t think this will be a long lasting garment. I love the bright yellow flowers though,and its like wearing pyjamas, it’s so comfortable. 
Unfortunately it was really windy, so excuse the wild hair!

I am happy with my decision to use the Cowl necked pattern rather than the drape dress, as the drape would distort the flowers.  So I have managed to sew 2 things for Ali’s challenge for at least one of the fabric purchases to be turned into a garment by March the 6th!


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