Recycled with love


I am not good at recycling, I find it a real chore to sort the rubbish out every week. However, when boy 1 gave me a pile of his old jeans with the comment ‘I thought you could do something with these mum’, I didn’t have the heart to say, that I had over 100 metres of fabric already…. So the pile of jeans has sat there for about a year. 
Boy 3 came home and and said that he had a textiles project that involves recycling. Boy 3 hates textiles with a passion, much to my sorrow. He needed to make a pillow case, so my bright idea was, you’ve guessed it, use the pile of jeans. But he only needed 2 pairs. I’m not sure if I will ever see this pillow case, as the felt pencil case inspired by Klimt, aka last years project was never finished despite my carefully chosen blue and orange felt!
It did inspire me to think about making boy number one’s girlfriend, a cushion cover for her birthday. I have no idea if she will like it, but it’s the thought that counts right? 
I cut out lots of rectangular pieces from the jeans, and randomly joined them together. Then my problems started. I had been so random, it was difficult to get a 16inch by 38inch rectangle , that I needed for my envelope style cushion cover. I thought the process would take a couple of hours.
More like six!  The girlfriend is definitely worth it, but I won’t be doing another one! All the joined pieces have zigzagged edges. My cushion pad came from my Dewsbury Spoolettes haul, a 16 inch square. I think I could do with a bigger one, as my cushion cover ended up slightly too big. 
Anyway here is the final product. 
Ready to send.

Time for some more selfish sewing now! 


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