Dewsbury Space Kimono

On my Yorkshire Spoolettes trip to the fabulous Fabworks, I bought some fabric just because I liked the colour and slightly abstract space based patterns. It’s a drapey cotton voile. I did think about another Lottie blouse, but I’ve already made a navy one. So to ease me gently into making jackets, I made a kimono jacket

Using this New Look pattern
Despite my previous ‘Becky Home Ecky’ comments previously, I like it and it will be perfect for a cover up on a hot day! Which is why I am not modelling it,  we have had snow in the last couple of days and it’s just too cold!
I had enough fabric for a vest top and used another pattern free with a magazine.

This will take over from the Colette sorbetto as my go to summer vest pattern. I really like the neckline at the front and back, and the way it fits across my shoulders. Yes I will post a picture, when I post my #SWAP2016 outfits!  The satin bias binding came from the trimmings stall at Dewsbury market, and was 20p a metre.
My other items I have made this month using things bought on the Spoolettes Dewsbury trip are the cushion, using a cushion pad from Fabworks and a Sew Over It Cowl Necked dress and top using fabric again  from Fabworks.

So thats very productive for February! the patterns were all simple ones and I did have some days off, I’ll be lucky to make two items in March!


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