Lots of dresses – blog update

I’ve been more than busy with work this last month, so my creative self has had to lie low for a while. Of course there has been some retail therapy and fabric buying!   This last week has been my first chance with a week off, spent at home. Although I didn’t finish SWAP 2016, it made me realise I need to focus on sewing for work, I’ve got enough statement dresses and casual stuff.  To maximise productivity, I focused on a couple of quick jersey dress patterns.

The first one is a free pattern from so sew easy  Watch the video on turning the dress into a maxi to get some help in doing the pleats. Like most sewing bloggers I’ve got at least 3 wrap dress patterns. But a fake wrap is the best, you get the effect without having to worry about the skirt gaping open. I’d been tempted by some polka dot viscose jersey from Fabworks.  I’m really pleased with it. It’s comfortable but still smart. 
 I also bought some viscose jersey online and though initially not sure about the pattern, really like this dress too. 

I have had one disaster, which is not the fabric or the pattern, but when I made this fabric up, I felt like the dress was wearing me, and I also had a black circle which looked like a target on one side of my err chest, which would make me self conscious if I had to stand in front of an audience at work! I’m being ruthless with clothes, if I don’t love it, out it goes!

I’ve also made 3 itch to stitch Kathryn dresses!  An easy pattern, with more pleats. I will probably only wear the navy and pink one to work. I love the other two, but a bit bright for work. The scuba one is amazing, so bright it nearly glows!  I’ll be wearing this to a few parties and events this year! Fabulous fabric from Fabworks again.

All the same pose I’m afraid! I’m hopeless at getting photos done, but my photographer is getting paid to raise funds towards a trip, so these were all done on the same day.

Lastly, a dress I made a while a go, but haven’t worn, another Dixy DIY ballet dress.  I am moving towards more abstract geometric fabrics, rather than too much floral. 
I think I will have a rest now, but am already planning some autumn/winter work dresses!

5 thoughts on “Lots of dresses – blog update

  1. These are all really great. Love the dotty one but the pink and navy is stunning. I too am trying to improve and colour my work wear. Not easy but you have it nailed. Well done you. K xXx


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