De cluttering my me made clothes

I have a small wardrobe so need to put unseasonal clothing in the loft. I did this last weekend and also brought down my winter clothes. I sorted a pile of clothes covering winter and summer that are getting tatty or I don’t feel are me anymore. 
There are seven items I’ve made. So why am I getting rid? The navy cowl necked dress with lemon flowers, was ponte roma from fabworks, the quality is poor and has bobbled badly, even though I have only worn it half a dozen times.

The two colour blocked dresses are well worn and don’t suit my style now.  I’ve enjoyed wearing the flowered blue simplicity 2444 dress a lot, but not now. The green with red vintage buttons is a Colette violet, and there are two scout grainline tops. 

have kept some other grainline tops, I think it’s the fabric and fit on these that I don’t like. I used to make a lot of cotton tops, but prefer rayon/viscose now. 
It does make me realise that I need to have a small manageable stash of fabric, as my tastes have changed even just in the last year. I’m off the floral cottons, and definitely into the geometric jerseys.

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