Midnight Windows

Looking through my blog I realise it is best not to plan or promise, I would be much better doing a monthly round up of projects I have completed, rather than over planning.

 I started knitting  again this year, I’ve been pleased with most  of it, even though I frogged some, and ditched some.  I probably need to just focus on hats and scarves/shawls, I don’t like the current way of knitting everything together on circular needles, and I think that the final look of a jumper or cardigan is not that predictable.  If I have free time, generally I’d rather be sewing.

I started with this pattern  Candlehouse by Alison Moreton, in February, it’s inspired by a building close to Leeds railway way station. I went on a PRINCE2 course in Leeds this year, and went past this building every day for a week!

The pattern is straight forward and grows quickly, I did one extra pattern repeat. 

 Going down the matchy matchy line, I used a free ravelry pattern (rikke)  to knit a simple hat, and incorporated  a line of pattern.

I’ve also started fingerless gloves. 

These are based on some patterns here http://www.bigwigsangora.co.uk/creative-ideas/


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