Sewing and hygge

I went to lovely book launch a week ago. It was to launch “How to Hygge” by Signe Johansen

 I know it’s the latest thing, following in the footsteps of feng  shui, Marie Kondo etc, books to help us feel better about our selves and our surroundings, but I did have a lovely evening! It was helped by Baltzersens who hosted the event with free coffee and as much cake as you could eat!  Then I went to  a new wine cafe and shared a bottle and a chat with a good friend – very hyggelichy!

The concept is widely described on the Internet, but for me it is about finding joy in those things you can do on a daily and weekly basis, having coffee and cake, get outdoors, meet up with friends, share meals and light candles.  I think I do all these things anyway, but it’s good to be reminded and refocus. Candles and gin are a good place to start! 

One of the concepts I picked up from her book was about doing things to a level that you enjoy. For example I cycle and swim, but I won’t be aiming for  a triathalon anytime soon!  I got to thinking about my sewing, which is a form of self sufficiency, I would never buy the number of clothes that I make, and I love feeling that what I make is unique. 

I am mainly sewing jersey dresses at the moment. I could push myself more in terms of techniques and difficulty, but this is what I am enjoying now. I also get loads of pleasure from wearing my hand made dresses.  I will get to a point where I want to sew something different, but this is ok for now.  I’m working on this pattern and fabric. 

  Just to point out the fabric, I saw it on this blog she is Canadien and the fabric came from chienvert.com a Belgian website. There was still some left, so obviously I bought some.  So for me it feels like a shared experience across the world, something really pleasing about that now, given recent events. 

2 thoughts on “Sewing and hygge

  1. Wow what a lovely explanation and interpretation. Gin, candles and cake you had me there. I feel similar in sewing. I could experiment more but I need knit black skirts!! Make what you wear and you will wear what you make K xXx


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