I had decided not to join in with the 2017 SWAP as I wasn’t happy with what I produced for 2016. But…… I learnt a lot. The planning was fun, and reading other people’s plans and changes was good. I made so many wadders! But that’s because I should have used TNT patterns, or very simple ones! 

And I made one bottom and three tops I was very happy with. 

The rules for 2017 came out on the 5th of November, and are focused on planning your wardrobe to coordinate, and sewing. 

2017 Less is More SWAP Rules

Eleven garments divided between Upper, Lower and Over pieces. These are tops and dresses; bottoms; and layers. There are minimums and maximums in each category, to provide balance and variety. You decide the final distribution.

Upper: Minimum 3, maximum 5.
Lower: Minimum 3, maximum 5.
Over: Minimum 2, maximum 5. No more than ½ may be outerwear.

You decide how many of each, within the numbers above, to total 11 garments.

Your twist: Each garment in a category must work with at least half of the garments in each of the other two categories. Example 5 Upper, 3 Lower, and 3 Over.  Each upper would need to work with 2 Lower and 2 Over garments.

ROGUE garments. Two dresses may be “rogue” in that they won’t need to work with Lower garments. They still need to work with Over pieces per the rules above. Obviously if you want 5 dresses 3 would need to be styles that work with what you choose as Lower pieces.

You can use one previously sewn item, 1 purchased item and two items that are made between 5th November and 26th December when the sewing officially starts. Also use a maximum of eight patterns.

More detail is given on the website. So my first thoughts are for my KISS ( keep it simple stupid) SWAP 2017, my  main aim will be to use as much from my stash as possible, and only buy fabric if there is no alternative (who am I kidding).

Overs-  Three  ponte simple unlined jackets from a prima pattern  pink, navy, teal  all left over fabric from dresses. 

Rogue – two dresses  teal ,  navy and white  from a simplicity pattern 
Uppers- three Sewoverit it Susie   blouse and Cynthia Rowley top 

Lower – three  purchased jeans, navy ponte trousers , navy skirt
And that’s eleven items using six patterns within the rules that should be straight forward. 
But…… I would really like to make the Cynthia Rowley jacket with the vintage tweed I bought from The Shop in Brick lane, London.  And squeeze a straight skirt out of the fabric  too if possible.  The other fabric is what I am considering for uppers or tops. 

 And I have just bought a magazine with a simple coat pattern in it, and I have already got fabric I could use! 

Maybe I should go for the simple choices, and if I have time, make the other items, I can always swap out one of the simple jackets. In my wardrobe everything goes with blue anyway! And if I don’t finish it, it really doesn’t matter! 


3 thoughts on “#SWAP2017?

  1. Ooh this is a new concept for me. I see the logic but haven't the discipline. I have so much to learn I still need to sew and see what happen. This is great when you know your style and have confidence. I am still making pattern and fabric choice mistakes. But it's fun learning K xXx


  2. Thanks ladies. I use SWAP to challenge me to think about my existing stash, and what would go with what. If I don't complete it, then I have at least been through the thought process of what suits my lifestyle, what clothes I need etc.


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