As part of #swap2017 I wanted to make dresses, as that’s what I wearing mainly for work now. The rules state you can make two rogues that don’t have to go with bottom halves, but still have to go with uppers. So I have a pre made (before 5th November) dress made from a new look pattern 6013 here. 

I made this one  from teal ponte, with no zip so it was really quick and easy. I love wearing it, and am wearing a boden grey or pale pink cardigan with it, now the weather is colder. But I ‘ve got enough fabric for a jacket……
You are allowed to sew two items before the official start date of the 26th December 2016. So, last  Sunday I cut out another dress, and extended the sleeves using a pattern I’d got free with a magazine simplicity 8055, which also has two piece sleeves. The fabric is navy and white ponte from Minerva crafts. 

So two down, nine to go!  But going on last years experience, if I can make four items, that’s fine! 


4 thoughts on “Rogues?

  1. I really love the look of both these dresses on you Ruth. Your shapes, colours and styles really suit you and you can see how happy they make you in the photographs. Also being comfortable you will definitely get lots of wear out of them. I am keen to see how your collection develops as it promises to be very sucessful.


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