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Apple green malabrigo

Ive just read Hila’s  experience of finishing knits this year – and I am in awe of her output!  My conclusion is that even though I’ve done quite complex knitting in the past, I’m aiming for the simple, so its mostly scarves/shawls and hats!  I  did start a cardigan in some apple green malabrigo this time last year. Decided I didn’t like  it and started a miette Cardigan.  My ravelry projects are here

I’d almost finished it 6 months ago, but have never got round to knitting the button band so it still looks like this!

But I did knit a cowl to my own design
Apple seed cowl 

My own design, cast on 50 sts 
Using 5.5mm needles 
First row knit 2 stitches then knit one purl one till last two stitches, k2
Second row purl 2 sts, k1 p1 repeat to form moss or seed st. Until last 2 stitches then purl 2.
Repeat these two rows until desired length, or you have used all your wool. Sew ends together.
Despite not really being interested in hand knitted jumpers now I am tempted by the lorelle jumper  which Kate wrote about so eloquently.  But I don’t understand how you knit with 4 ply on such large needles? so could I use double knit?  Ill have to do some investigations!

4 thoughts on “Apple green malabrigo

  1. That green really suits you. I would just look ill!! Little things are all my wrists will cope with now. After all that hard work you do need to finish that poor cardi though. Perhaps for spring K xXx


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