Wardrobe planning

Some days I’d like Claire Underwood’s wardrobe    But I like a lot more colour, than her character wears.
I’ve found these booklets helpful – ‘  A five step formula for a fabulous wardrobe on a budget ‘ from Imogen and ‘personal wardrobe planning’ from sewing plums.com.
One idea  from the five step formula was to think about the words you would like to describe yourself. My words include

Elegant  professional
Approachable calm
Trustworthy creative
feminine and self assured.
 I think that the jersey dresses I have been making, worn with heels and statement jewellery do help me convey some of these words. I’ve been watching some TED talks on the importance of clothes, and how costume designers work on drawing out a character through the clothes they wear.  I realise that I consciously “uppped my game” at work this year, since a promotion, the clothes I wear make me stand out, hopefully in a good way.
Dressing up when you were a child was often referred to in the TED talks. Interestingly, we didn’t have a dressing box, when I was growing up in a hot country, though it’s something my own children enjoyed.  Maybe that’s why I like fancy dress and planning what I’m going to wear so much now!
Another approach for wardrobe planning is to think about the roles you have in your life and the activities that involves, and plan for clothes needed for those roles. So :
1. Project and programme manager – meetings, one to one and groups, presenting, desk bound work both writing and computer, creating solutions and plans.
2. Homemaker – cook, clean, organise, shop, create
3. Wife/mother/daughter/sister/friend – listen, care, entertain, socialise
4. Me time – exercise, socialise, create, read.
So I need to have work outfits for 50 hours a week, and the rest of my time I mainly need comfortable, casual clothes, with only an occasional need for smart party outfits.
So what does this mean for my sewing? That I should focus more on making work clothes, which I have been doing. I am not aiming for a 100% handmade wardrobe, so  am happy to buy clothes when there is something I don’t want to make, or I don’t have time.  Currently I make dresses and tops and buy jeans and trousers, and only have a couple of skirts.
This is a recent non jersey dress make using Vogue pattern 8886, without the collar, as I didn’t have enough fabric.  The necklace is from Bijouled   my favourite shop.  I have matching earrings as well. The fabric is a silk and linen, from Fabworks. It does crease, and isn’t as comfortable as jersey So jersey dresses are still best in my book, I’ve got at least 4 more recent makes to share!

This next dress is based on an itch to stitch Davina dress. I had intended it to be for work, but the pattern is a bit bright and busy for that. It’s a great weekend dress though.

Im spending time desperately making something to wear for my friends wedding in two weeks time,  not sure I’m going to be 100% happy with what I make, but I’ll write my next blog post about it then I can get back to planning SWAP2017!


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