I wonder what the typical New Years resolutions are for those of us that sew?

Reduce our fabric collection? Sew clothes we will wear? Don’t rush what we make?

I’m no different!  I’ve had quite an intense time at work over the last year, so I’ve tended to buy rather than spend time making things.  I’ve bought shoes, bags, jewellery, fabric and gin!  But really positively,  I have made a lot of dresses that I wear all the time at work, I also get a lot of joy  to quote ‘a Marie Kondoism’  from matching jewellery I’ve bought with clothes.


I would really like to use my fabric collection and reduce it down to less than 20 pieces.  I want time, preferably the first three months of 2017, to just enjoy what I have , and not buy anything new!

Can I do it? I don’t know, I usually start well and then get distracted.   I am reading a book called  “Essentialism”to help me focus on what’s really important to me. My tendency is that I believe I can do more than is realistic, both at work and  in my free time.

I know that I can sometimes get round issues – like reducing sewing time by for example, sewing mainly jersey,  as  it’s quick and fitting issues are minimal. But, I would like to use the woven fabric already in my fabric collection,  and take my time making muslins so that items fit properly. I look back at SWAP2016, there were loads of wadders because I tried new patterns without making muslins.  I am happy that I can finish SWAP2017 as I’m focusing on simple makes. But after that I want to sew something that I can take slowly.

So I will try to blog a record of success and failures.  I don’t want to aim for new things in 2017, but I would like to use the Cora and Stylebook apps to help record my fabric and wardrobe. (it’s taking all those photos which is the issue here for me) So here’s to 2017!


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