Sewing plans

Sewing plans for 2017


So what are my ideas and plans? How will I use all those patterns and fabric I’ve bought?  I’m not going to  do #makenine2017, as I  don’t want to set myself up to fail.

My main aims are:

To finish SWAP2017, and will put on regular updates here.

I seem to  have some special occasion fabric which is all dark blue, that I want to sew, mostly towards the end of the year. These include a sew over it poppy jumpsuit  in some navy satin backed crepe from Calico  Laine. An Elisalex dress in a black/navy  satin fabric from Guthrie and Ghani. Is this a good idea? Who knows, I am hoping to end up with an elegant cocktail dress, but will I ever wear it? And a  scout grainline in navy sequinned fabric from Guthrie and Ghani.



But the first thing I need to tackle is a 50th party with very specific dress requirements in purple, black or silver and it has to be long! I have ordered some crushed damson velour from the fabric godmother and am going to make simplicity 8045 a simplicity mimi g style pattern.



I hope it works! I’m not sure what to do if it doesn’t! I’ve got some other purple jersey, but not enough to make something long.

So that’s all the party wear plans, for my non existent glamorous life style. I hope the play suit and sequin top will get some wear at least.

I’d like to focus on shirt dresses this year, I have 3 patterns which are contenders for casual summer dresses to use up my bright patterned cottons.


1. the Maria Denmark Edith pattern                                                                                                 2. vogue 8970, which looks really frumpy in the long length, but the one with collar and short sleeves looks like my map dress, so I think is good style for me.
3. McCalls m6885, and I’ve got some navy and white flowered and some denim that would look good in this.

I would like to make at least two of the named pilvi coat dress, as I think this a really good style for me. I’ve got navy and coral ponte that would be good for this, and a good style for work too.


I bought the Pauline Alice Aldaia pattern, for its versatility and would like at least three of these.Apparently there are 27 variations!

So thats enough to be going on with, I’m sure I’ll change my mind a few times.


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