Purchases · Sewing plans

Purchases and plans

I know I need to post my February makes, but haven’t taken any photos yet!

I have been spectacularly good on the fabric buying front so far. In 2017, my only fabric purchase has been this.



5 metres of a poly cotton suiting from the fabric godmother  my plans are a dress, jacket and skirt.

But time wise, this won’t happen until the autumn. Any fabric I buy tends to sit in my stash for a while. I wish I could make an item a day!  Anyway given it’s my birthday in march, I think there will be some more fabric buying, maybe ponte from Leeds market.

I also bought this book, for its simple and elegant designs. I might start with the tie neck blouse, I know it’s similar to my four lottie blouses, but I’d like something with long sleeves. I have got the sewover it pussy bow blouse pattern, but I think this is more casual, and less vintagey looking. I’ll be good again, and make a toile.



My planned march makes are two skirts from leftover fabric from my jackets, and a tie neck blouse.

I bought some wool, I love wearing the lime long cowl I knitted, more than anything else I’ve made, so I bought some hot pink malabrigo yarn to make another one.





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