#SWAP2017 March update

I have still been working away on this. BUT,  I am losing interest. The combination of some failures, and trying to stick to using my stash, means I’m not sure I like all the items.  My biggest issue, is that I don’t really like my bottom half, so I prefer to make and wear dresses, and the swap rules focuses on separates.

Anyway, where am I with #SWAP2017? Let’s start with my favourite items.

I love wearing this matching dress and jacket in a beautiful shade of teal, but the dress is starting to go bobbly already.


I like the unlined coat I made in February


And the navy ponte jacket and pink teeshirt, that I made in January.


So  it’s pushed me to think about versatile items, And I’ve made my first coat. But, some of the teeshirts I made, I’m not sure I’ll wear. I dislike the ponte trousers, which feel like clingy unflattering pyjama bottoms.

I’ll probably have enough to say I completed the swap , by the end of April. I’m not interested in posting my results anywhere official.  I’ll review everything in a months time.



2 thoughts on “#SWAP2017 March update

  1. Loving the dress and matching jacket, and the coat too. It doesn’t come across that you’re enjoying your swap so maybe is it worth carrying on?? And make more dresses that make you happy? 😀


  2. Thanks Ali, it’s dressfest from now on! However, I only need to finish off a skirt, then I’ll have made enough to fulfil the swap rules, so may look at what outfits I can put together and blog about it.


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