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March purchases and plans for April

I only bought three patterns, and the Vogue one is for the Eve appeal so that doesn’t count right?


I also bought love sewing magazine, which has lots of inspiration for fabric for your cocktail dress. It did include a free pattern, but I don’t think I’ll be using it.

I’ve fallen off the wagon big time with fabric though!  In my defence, it’s my birthday month, and I’ve given up sugar and alcohol for lent, so I needed to indulge in something!

I loved the colours in this digital scuba from Croftmill. I’m hoping to make the cocktail dress from this, maybe it’s a bit wacky, but I’ll give it a go!

I couldn’t resist this from Fabrics Galore , called Delaunay, supposedly inspired by the artist I guess!

I saw Sonia Delaunay’s Exhibition  in 2015 and loved it.  I was going to make a tie neck blouse, but I’ve got five, and am feeling that’s enough now! So I’m probably going to make a   Cynthia Rowley 1366, like this one. It’s the only drop shoulder pattern I’ve tried, that I feel suits me.  I also want a pattern with no detailing to show off the fabric.

So what else did I buy?

Two lots of ponte for the quality and colours, the blue is really similar to one I’ve already got.

And there’s more!  I regret this last purchase, the fabric was cheap, but the mint floral and geometric viscose jerseys are very thin. I love the pink floral scuba, but the pattern is huge, I think it might end up wearing me, rather than the other way round!

So I’m really going to try to not add anymore until Black Friday, or the northern knitting and stitching show in November.  I’ve added 16.8 metres to my fabric collection in March.

I did buy some sewing accessories which I really needed…..


And I got some Ernest Wright dressmaking scissors for my birthday.


So I should be set up for lots of sewing and no buying for the next few months! (Except I’ve signed up for Sew up North at the end of June).

My plans for April are the Delaunay Cynthia Rowley,  a ponte Cardigan and a navy and white shirt dress. I’ve cut all these out already.


2 thoughts on “March purchases and plans for April

  1. Some gorgeous additions to your stash! Especially the scuba Destined to be a cocktail dress 😂 and love you Delaunay Top too, and your fabricate purchases! I just 💜 everything!!


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