Stash busting and slow sewing

The problem with setting goals like reducing your fabric collection, is that it can become a chore.  I have ended up making things that I’ll probably never wear, because of wanting to use up fabric. It also creates a sense of urgency, about the number of items I should be making every month.  I’ve also been watching a few sewing vloggers who produce a lot of finished items every month, whilst that’s great for them, I’m not sure it’s good for me.

What if I tried an alternative approach? Maybe only aim for a dozen items a year?  Take the approach that Kate of the fabulous Fabrikated blog does, which is not to bother making cheap tee shirts. I’ve just bought a striped uniqlo Breton tee for £12.90. This makes nonsense of my three attempts at stripe matching fabrics, which must have cost at least £20.  I’ve bought two pairs of jeans and two pairs of trousers recently, which I enjoy wearing, and I felt relief at the instant process of being able to buy them. It is ridiculous but, because I sew I have subconsciously been thinking I should sew everything I wear!

I’ve got one friend, a self taught sewer, who only makes coats and jackets, as she says they save the most money, and are worth her effort.  I’m not sure I’d go that far, but could see myself sticking more to dresses, jackets and coats, with the occasional simple top thrown in.  It’s also confused by sewing being a hobby, and wanting to try new patterns and fabrics mixed in with a bit of FOMO, which leads to the creation of a fabric and pattern collection!

I’ve got a choice to make. I’ve got fabric that I don’t want to wear anymore, but would be happy with as pyjamas.

So do I buy a pattern? Which could cost me £15 if I buy the Carolyn pyjamas pattern by  Put in probably 15 hours of work cutting and sewing, to save probably £50 at most if I bought them? I don’t know yet, I think I’ll put that decision off.

I know I spread myself too thinly, and try to do too much. I need to refocus on how I spend my time.

I’m probably going to start a shirtdress next,  I’ve decided just to make one style this year, instead of the three I first thought of.  I’ll aim to make at least two in the same style, and get the fitting right.  I’m going to use this pattern and fabric .


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