Success and failure March and April


I’ve lost heart with some of my sewing over the last two months. I’m still having a lot of failures, partly from rushing to use up fabric, and partly not always identifying what looks good on me.

I made two tops  from the new Makers Atelier book.  Using drapey fabrics is really important for these patterns. The draped neck top is a wearable muslin,  the knit stitch runs across the garment, as that’s the only way I could fit the pattern on, it would look better with the knit stitch running length wise.   Next time, I’d cut 2cm off the back neck, as it’s a bit high, and I don’t really like it. It’s too baggy, and makes me look enormous.


I like the tie neck blouse though, even though I don’t think it’s that flattering. I’ve sewn the front up and just sewn the buttons on. The fabric is a thin cotton linen mix, and creases easily.



I also made two  Cynthia Rowley tops. One   I added ruffles onto the sleeves and body, but  I really don’t like the fabric made up, or the ruffles, and only wore it for half a day, but  really like my Delaunay one.


A couple  of other fails, my skirt from the same fabric as my Cynthia Rowley jacket just looked frumpy, so I haven’t bothered hemming it. I also made most of a navy ribbed ponte dress, but it looked like a maternity dress, and the fabric was too cheap and Polyestery, so out it went!

And a fail which is really disappointing. I made most of this shirt dress,  but managed to cut the front pieces shorter than the back! The fabric flower pattern is also a bit big and wears me, rather than me feeling I’m wearing it.  The sleeves don’t fit that well, and I wonder if it looks like a 1950s housecoat on me!  Will I ever learn? I need to do a toile first, before I decide that it’s the right pattern for me, then I need to make three or four with the same pattern!


But I have had some success.

I made a pair of the Margot pyjamas, they are a baggy style, the palazzo pants of pyjamas! I ordered the fabric cause I thought it would make a nice summer wrap dress, but I felt it was too thin for that, but it’s turned into pretty and comfortable pj bottoms.   I also made a dressing gown, orange cardigan and cocobella  top which I will blog about.  So I’ve used around  23 metres of fabric in March and April.

What have I learned? After three years of sewing, my skills don’t feel like they are improving.  I’ve had six fails and four successes in the last couple of months. It would be cheaper just to buy clothes!


My Cora app now says I have 99 metres left to sew. TBH I just want a break, and don’t feel like sewing anymore.  Looking back, I’ve had similar experiences for the last two years. What does that say about me? That I shouldn’t sew from January to April?



4 thoughts on “Success and failure March and April

  1. Oh goodness, I feel exactly the same! I procrastinate terribly, but probably from lack of confidence more than lack of interest. I love a casual look, but they have a tendency to be frumpy. Frumpy is not good. Tailored pieces look better, but are just not always comfortable or what a retired gal needs. Sorry about your shirtdress. Not sure which is your delaunay top, but if it is the colorful graphic print, it is lovely on you! And we can’t give up. 😉


  2. Hi Jen, thanks for your comments. I think it’s having a few patterns that work well for your shape and lifestyle, which I am working on! I like to wear jersey dresses for work, but like smart casual too. My suggestion would be to look at ponte jackets, so tailored and casual at the same time. Like a smart cardigan really! I’ve made a few and have also bought one, and wear them with jeans, trousers, skirts and dresses. I’ll have another go at a different shirt dress but not for a while!

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  3. Hya Ruth, I followed you from Kate’s blog, a bit stalkerish but, you know, how else does one find like-minded folk?

    You may have come out of your malaise now, however, I’d just like to offer you a few words of encouragement. It’s natural to lose the passion after a few setbacks but you have identified the possible causes and know what is needed to get the feeling back, that’s why ‘tried and true’ patterns are so necessary.

    You are organised in your cataloging and that is something I could learn from, I feel more optimistic when I plan for what I have and that mitigates the guilt of buying more new and shiny.

    Now, The Maker’s Atilier tie blouse, yours is lovely, mine was a disaster, I could not get those sleeves to work, it’s seems that it must be my error because no-one else’s pics have the same issue, and really, how can one mess up a dropped shoulder? I ruined some lovely fabric. 😕


  4. Hi thanks for your thoughts, I’ve done my share of stalking too! I’m not convinced about the quality of instructions in the makers atelier book, also I think a lot of the patterns rely on drapey fabric. I want to have a go at the two skirts though.

    I have ruined so much fabric! I guess you have to treat it as a learning experience, and also identify what looks good on you. I’m nearly at the end of making a shirt dress which is good, but it’s has to become sleeveless as the sleeves were too tight for me. My organised cataloging is recent, and I am learning to say no to patterns that are similar to what I already have!


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