Purchases · Sewing plans

May purchases and summer sewing plans

So not buying anything isn’t going too well…….

In May there was no successful sewing. There was however some buying, four patterns and five and a half metres of fabric.

So firstly a  pyjama pattern. I’ve got  a selection of fabrics already that I could use, in my fabric collection, once I’ve made the ten dresses on my ‘next to sew’ list!


The prima pattern was the cost of a phone call, but I love the basic shape of this and the sleeve options.


This Butterick dress pattern purchase was due to seeing Handmade Jane’s recommendations for woven shirt dresses on her current blog post, I like  the waterfall effect on the skirt.  I’ve got a wedding in September, and think this pattern would look good in the fabric I bought from Guthrie and Ghani.  I hope I don’t look too washed out, I usually don’t wear black, but just loved the hydrangeas and the pale aqua leaves.

The fourth pattern was because I liked it, and I was paying for postage anyway……I’ve bought the sewoverit Heather  dress pattern, but looking at people’s completed versions, I don’t really like the princess seams on it. I much prefer the straight ones on this.


So yes, I’ve definitely suffered from FOMO!

So my plan for June is to hem my orange coatigan, sew buttons on my Miette  Cardigan (only two more to go!)  and finish my  blue and cream shirt dress before the 21st of June, for the sew along.

I would also like to make a start on this dress, to wear to son number two’s graduation, in July. I’m thinking of short sleeves and the  straight skirt.


Hopefully all these plans will work, my sewing has been so rubbish lately, I’m probably too impatient but  I’m not someone who will make seven versions of a toile  to get it right, I tend to give up as I want quick results!

Oh yes the other fabric is a ridiculous purchase really. I bought more of the art gallery fabric that my favourite dress is made from! Well dragonfly fabrics had a 10% discount!  So when this dress wears out I can make another one…….



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